The world is getting more inclined towards clean and environment-friendly energy. This is mounting the demand for solar panel installations across the globe. However, the competition in the solar industry is ferocious, and carving out a niche for yourself is a big task altogether. If you are finding methods to grow your solar business, don’t look any further. We have curated a list of proven marketing strategies that help you pump up your solar business!

To survive in this cutthroat competitive market, your solar business needs to adopt the finest marketing strategy that helps you generate consistent revenue. If you get a constant flow of leads, you are probably not in a troublesome situation as good solar lead generation is fruitful for your business sustainment, whereas if it is not the case then you have to buckle up ASAP because without leads survival in this industry is highly questionable. You have to put a wholesome effort into achieving your goals. However, putting in a lot of work and getting results are both different things. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the proven marketing strategies that will surely increase your sales. Let’s dive in!

09 marketing strategies that will surely make your solar business successful

If you set your marketing strategy effectively, you will surely experience a constant flow of leads and recurring revenue, and survive in the solar industry for the longest. However, it is very tough to gain quality leads and convert them into customers. The cost involved in a solar installation and being unable to take a test drive are the major reasons behind low sale conversion in your business. Still, many people are interested in going green because it saves a lot of money on utility bills. To convert their interest into liking, your marketing message should be impactful and clear. Here are some proven marketing strategies that help you put the right message across and gain customers through it.

1.   Focus on digital, leave experiments offline

You should not only focus on digital marketing but prioritize it among all actions. Before putting efforts into the digital part, you should avoid spending huge time crafting emails and building out-of-house ad campaigns. The work done to generate leads will help you survive longer in the field and earn good ROI. The higher will be the ROI, the better will be the sustainment of your solar business.

Solar businesses that spend more time on digital marketing, experience more ROI than those that follow traditional methods of solar marketing.  Outdated marketing methods have become fruitless in this era. They might work in some locations but digital efforts pay off comparatively more. Therefore, make sure that you work on your digital strategies.

2.   Make your brand viral

Nothing can be best than your business being recognized by many people. If your brand is becoming viral then surely your marketing efforts are yielding results. It makes more and more people interested in your name which can become a lead. Make sure that your hit projects are showcased well to create a strong sense of your business brand. It will help you generate more traffic on your website. Run a result-oriented marketing campaign on social media channels to create brand awareness. Be consistent in doing this task and don’t lack creativity.

3.   Take your time in building your site

Having a website is essential in today’s world. It not only builds trust and creates value for your brand but also tells how you are different from others in your competition. You need to ensure that the content of your site is clear and easily understandable. If you are building a site for your business, don’t hurry. Take time to make it the best version of your business’s digital face. It should clearly define what type of services you offer and how your former clients get benefited from them. It should be aesthetically appealing, offer quick loading, be easy to navigate, and be SEO optimized.

4.   Offer in-depth content on your webpages

In digital marketing, content is the best tool for your solar business. You can use content to help your customers know the benefits of solar installation. Through in-depth content, you can educate your prospects about the different kinds of solar panels that exist in the market. There are many people who have less to no understanding of solar and its types. People who don’t have enough knowledge about solar, tend to drop the idea of getting it installed in the end. You can use blogs and social media to make them learn about the concept. Tell your visitors, the benefits of investing in solar installation.

5.   Cater to search engine needs

The amount of traffic you will receive on your website is completely dependent on the level of its optimization and the content you have included on it for SEO. Utilize keyword tools and gain profit from them. If you use leading keyword tools for content optimization, you can gain a competitive edge in the market. Make sure that each web page is well-optimized on your site. Include a detailed description of all your products and services. This will help your visitors get all the info under one roof and they will not leave your site to find more data about your product.

6.   Provide enough information

The major reason behind losing a potential client is not providing the information they are looking for. You should be unfailingly ready to answer your client’s queries. You are required to show your visitors that you have enough resources to answer their questions and provide info. This helps in building credibility. If you don’t have the staff for it, don’t worry. You can include a database that contains procedures, answers, facts, a marketing plan, and product descriptions to answer their questions efficiently. If you fail to answer their questions, your potential buyer will not take a second to move to your competitor’s site.

7.   Try reaching your customers in multiple ways

There is no surprise that generating leads and converting them into leads is not easy in the solar business. To reach your prospects, you should practice multiple approaches including.

  • Paid ads: Investing in paid advertisement help you improve your sales by creating brand awareness. When you carve out a marketing strategy, analyze where your target audience is spending their time the most. You can utilize Google ads, LinkedIn, and Facebook to target your audience on the basis of location and other demographic factors. Make sure the ad is visually pleasing. You can design paid ads aligning with your website. It should be engaging and personal along with a call to action that leads readers to your site.
  • Email marketing: From newsletters to promotional mails, email marketing is the finest advertising method to build and nurture relationships with your existing as well as potential clients. Through email marketing, you can demonstrate the benefits of going solar to your prospects. Personal emails often perform better than normal templates. You can play with the subject lines, content, and length of the email.

8.   Follow up on leads

Many solar businesses lose the chance of selling their services because they fail to follow up. The moment you get a lead, never lose a minute to convert them into your customers. You can do follow-up via:

  • Speedy call: Making calls is one of the swiftest methods to increase conversion rate. It is often called speed-to-call as well.
  • Quick email: Some people don’t like talking over the phone immediately and others are busy. You can send them a personalized email within 20 mins of finding the lead.
  • Second call attempt: You can call your prospect again after a few hours. The second attempt increase the chances of conversion.

Avoid annoying the prospects, rather be persistent. Don’t fill up your prospect mailbox with dozens of emails or don’t trouble them by making multiple calls. Overdoing is a big no-no!

9.   Money-back proposal

As already discussed, solar panel installation is one of the biggest investments for any household. You can eradicate your prospect fear by giving a money-back guarantee. If you do it, you significantly relieve your prospect anxiety before making the solar purchase. If your prospect doesn’t feel like risking their money with you, they will surely convert into your customers.

Parting thoughts

Marketing strategies, if done correctly prove to be excellent for a solar business. If you are selling residential solar panels then you can utilize digital marketing to generate quality leads and increase your sales. Make sure that your content is engaging along with a well-optimized website. If you apply the best digital marketing practices, you will reach a wide audience, create leads, and sell more solar to your prospects.

All the above-mentioned marketing strategies are excellent for a solar business that wants to close more sales. Make sure you do detailed market research and employ your findings in your marketing strategy. Adopt any of these to accelerate your solar business's growth. We are sure that your efforts will not go unrewarded!